🕐 Estimate setup time: 10 mins

It is quick and easy to get TrafficGuard's PPC Protection set up to protect your ad spend from fraud.

  1. Sign up for a TrafficGuard account. For more information on a suitable plan, click here

  2. Login to TrafficGuard's Portal.

  3. Connect your Google Ads account with TrafficGuard. Checkout Integrating with Google Ads.

  4. Add On-Page JS Tag to your website, or choose other available options:

    1. Using Google Tag Manager

    2. Adding Measurement JS tag to Wordpress

  5. Once you complete the above steps, you will see your Google Ads traffic coming through on the TrafficGuard dashboard.

💡 Tip

Now you are ready to run your Google Ads campaign safely, while TrafficGuard protects you against any click fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions

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