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Why do I need to give manager access to TrafficGuard?
Why do I need to give manager access to TrafficGuard?
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TrafficGuard is a verified 3rd party vendor with Google and requires Google Ads manager access to your customer account in order for our ad solution to work behind the scenes.

The manager access allows us to connect to your Google Ads account via an API connection and helps provide you granularity in reporting in your TrafficGuard dashboard.

This is a standard way of tracking that Google allows for.

Please be assured, TrafficGuard does not make any changes to your campaigns, ad groups, budgets, bids, creatives, etc other than the below -

1. Tracking Template - Through the standard manager access, TrafficGuard can automatically add a tracking template on the Account level on your account. Using this template, Google passes click data to TrafficGuard for verification.

πŸ’‘ Tip

The customer can manually update the tracking template too. TrafficGuard provides you the required instructions and guidance to do the same.

2. Pre-bid IP Exclusions (Prevention Mode) - When in Prevention mode, TrafficGuard adds active pre-bid Campaign Level IP exclusions to prevent invalid activity on your account.

Other than the tracking template & the IP exclusion (Prevention Mode), TrafficGuard does not make any changes to your account.

πŸ’‘ Tip

You can track TrafficGuard's activity in the Change History tab of your Google Ads Account and within your TrafficGuard account.

This access is required for both the Protect PPC and Protect Pro PPC plans. However, IP exclusion is a premium feature and only available on the paid plans.

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