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Why can't I see any data in my TrafficGuard dashboard?
Why can't I see any data in my TrafficGuard dashboard?
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Often the reason for this is that your Google Ads account hasn't been connected, or you have connected a Google Ads manager account and not a Customer Account.

1. Please login to TrafficGuard.

If you then see the below across the top of the screen, click the link to start the integration process.


2. Enter your Google Customer Ads ID

Screenshot 2020-04-09 at 2.47.03 pm

Please enter your Google Ads Customer ID and click the "Connect Account" button. Please ensure to enter a Google Ads Customer ID and not a Manager Account ID.

πŸ’‘ Tip
Please ensure to check your emails once you have connected your account.

3 Add the TrafficGuard JSTag to your website/s

After you have linked your Google Ads account you will be prompted to create a new website property. Here you will be shown a JSTag which you should place on your website. This tag will allow TrafficGuard to analyse traffic to your websites.
For more information on adding the JSTag.

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