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A new and improved Account Dashboard for the Search product for Enterprise clients - launch date 5th June 2024.

Provides key metrics at your fingertips.


Prevention mode

Detection mode


Total Budget Rescued

The ad spend that would have been lost to invalid traffic if your account were not protected by TrafficGuard. It reflects the difference between your prevention and detection rates.

Total Budget Lost

The actual total budget lost to invalid traffic across your account.



More chances to convert!

How many more conversions opportunities you have by reinvesting your budget rescued into valid traffic.

Bonus Conversions = Budget Rescued / Cost per Conversion

More chances to convert!

How many conversions opportunities you could achieve, if your budget lost was reinvested into valid traffic.

Bonus Conversions = Budget Lost / Cost per Conversion


Note: values in this widget exclude Performance Max campaigns as they do not use IP exclusions, but audience exclusions.

Business exposure mitigated

IPs added

Shows's the number of IPs we've added, which equates to users excluded from seeing your Ads

Exposure value

If all your excluded users (IPs) would have clicked at least one more time, this is the cost you would incur.

Exposure mitigated/value = Number of IPs added x 1 extra click x average CPC.

Business exposure

IPs detected
The number of invalid users (IP addresses) we have detected.

Exposure value

The calculation uses the invalid users we detected (IPs) and assumes would be excluded in prevention.

Exposure mitigated/value = Number of IPs detected x 1 extra click x average CPC.

Protection Graph

TrafficGuard is actively working to protect you from invalid traffic, your IVT rate will be reduced compared to your Detection Mode IVT rate as we're now reducing the amount of invalid traffic affecting your account.

TrafficGuard monitors your traffic and generates a Detection IVT rate - the volume of invalid traffic as a percentage of your total traffic. This rate reflects all clicks wasted on IVT across all preventable traffic and will be displayed on the TrafficGuard Protection Graph (orange line).


Campaign performance

Provides you with key metrics and top impacted campaigns .

Campaign performance

As per prevention description.


Invalid traffic threats

Demonstrates your invalid traffic by Threat Categories: Bots, hosts and malware, Non-incremental and Non-genuine.

Also provides a comparison between Detection and Prevention periods.

Invalid traffic threats

As per prevention description.

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