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ℹ️ This article only applies to Enterprise accounts with access to TrafficGuard's improved Search solution as of June 2024.

The TrafficGuard Protection Graph shows the budget TrafficGuard has saved you by comparing your detection invalid click rate (IVT rate) with your prevention IVT rate. TrafficGuard has prevented the invalid clicks between these two rates and the corresponding rescued budget amount has been saved and reinvested into acquiring valid traffic.

In Detection Mode

When your account is in Detection mode TrafficGuard monitors your traffic and generates a Detection IVT rate - the volume of invalid traffic as a percentage of your total traffic. This rate reflects all clicks wasted on IVT across all preventable traffic and will be displayed on the TrafficGuard Protection Graph (orange line).

Your rescued budget amount will not exist yet as we're not yet preventing your invalid traffic. If your account has any prior prevention mode period however, this data will also be displayed.

In Prevention Mode

Once your account is in Prevention mode and TrafficGuard is actively working to protect you from invalid traffic, your IVT rate will be reduced compared to your Detection Mode IVT rate as we're now reducing the amount of invalid traffic affecting your account.

The TrafficGuard Protection Graph will now display your Prevention IVT rate (blue line). As we can no longer see the invalid traffic that's been blocked, we have created a benchmark method to calculate what your Detection IVT rate would be had you still been in detection mode.

This benchmark Detection IVT rate is calculated using realtime data from accounts similar to yours (in geography, industry and business size) and currently in both Prevention and Detection. We look at the relationship between the Prevention and Detection IVT rates across these similar accounts and using statistical analysis, calculate what your Detection IVT rate would have been if you were not in Prevention.

This is then displayed as your Detection IVT rate whenever your account is in Prevention mode and your budget rescued is calculated as the value between this Detection IVT rate and your Prevention IVT rate.

Detection mode rate

Where your account has historical Detection mode data you are able to see your Detection mode rate displayed when your account is in Prevention. This is accessed via the Detection mode rate toggle on the graph.

Your Detection mode rate is calculated as the average Detection IVT rate across all time periods when your account was in Detection mode.

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