Threat Categories
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TrafficGuard uses over 200 signals to indicate both general and sophisticated invalid traffic. These use definitions of invalid traffic and are categorised as threats in real time in the TrafficGuard dashboard.

We use "always on" machine learning and A.I. to detect these and by changing the attribution journey in real time, we prevent these threats from affecting advertisers’ activity.

The below list describes the three main threat categories (click on the category name to see the rules/signals that make up these categories):

Threat Category


Includes genuine users who display repeated, and often excessive, ad click activity.

They are very likely existing customers, who know your brand and are using your ads as a ‘lazy’ access point to your site.

Includes non-humans clicking on ads, often in an attempt to imitate legitimate web traffic.

These clicks offer no business value whatsoever.

Includes users who repeatedly score low in our validity and intention analyses.

They are very unlikely to be a real human user or they lack intention to ever genuinely engage with your site.

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