Compliance Fraud
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Compliance Fraud occurs when traffic is deliberately sourced from outside of the advertiser’s target audience or using means prohibited by the advertiser.

Usually, the objective of the fraudster, in this case, is to maximise their ROI by misrepresenting cheap traffic as premium traffic. For example, sending traffic from a tier 3 country to a campaign specifically targeting a tier 1 country.

Technically the install is by a genuine user, but not the user the advertiser is targeting.

Objective: Generate an install on a real device, but not the user-targeted. Misrepresent cheap traffic for premium traffic.

Indicator: High volumes of obscured clicks

Above normal volumes of traffic received from VPN’s or anonymous proxies from a single supply, sources indicate that fraudsters are attempting to obscure details about their traffic. This helps them to disguise low value, out of target traffic; to distribute traffic from other fraud tactics such as App Install Farms over multiple IP addresses to evade detection, and to evade IP blacklists. If TrafficGuard observes unreasonably high volumes of anonymised traffic, it automatically blocks that source of supply.

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