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Click Spam
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Click spam occurs when a large volume of clicks are faked on a mobile device, even though the user never clicked the ad. If the user or a user with a similar fingerprint later visits the target website and installs the app, the spammer receives credit for the install and is paid a commission. Due to the install actually being misattributed this is considered invalid.

AKA: Click Flooding, Organic Poaching, Install Theft, Misattribution Fraud

Objective: Steal attribution of an organic install or an install from another paid source.

๐Ÿ’ก Mitigating Click spam

TrafficGuard automatically blocks clicks and rejects installs that are a result of click spam, based on a broad spectrum of analysis and sophisticated identification.

Indicator: Anomalous Time To Install

One of the many indicators of click spam.

The time between every click and install is measured, forming a normal distribution of the time to click an ad and install the corresponding application. Anything that falls outside of this normal distribution is flagged by TrafficGuard. Click Spams time to install pattern is much more evenly spread than normal user's traffic creating a flat distribution.

Normal Time To Install Distribution

Abnormal Time To Install Distribution

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