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All the data available in the dashboard can be downloaded on a transactional level. You can filter and export specific transactions in a selected time period.


You can export or download all transactions you see on TrafficGuard's reports for usage outside of TrafficGuard's portal. Each row of the file is a different transaction, and each column is the data associated with each transaction.

To access Transactional Exports, go to Reports > Export.

Creating export

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Each export is limited to 200,000 rows.

1. Export Frequency

Select between One Time report or schedule a report to be sent to yourself or your team members.

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Scheduled/Recurring Exports

You can schedule an export on a weekly or daily basis, to be sent to your team. Enter the recipients at the bottom of the form and add a Report name to personalise it to your requirements

2. Report Type

Choose which report you would like to extract data from. Select one of these options below:

  • Invalid: Includes fraudulent or invalid activity

  • Filtered: Displays activity that is dictated by the campaign's unique validation rules

  • Success: Includes valid activity

  • Partner Postback Log: Includes transactions postbacks sent to a partner

3. Transaction Type

Choose a transaction type from the drop-down. This will display the relevant transaction for a particular report type.

  • Click

  • Install

  • Event

  • Impression

  • Conversion

  • Transaction Summary

For example, you can download the invalid click data by selecting
Report Type: Invalid
Transaction Type: Click

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Transaction Summary

Transaction Summary includes aggregated data of a particular report type which have fixed default fields.

4. Date & Time Range

By default, the timezone is set to UTC and the range is set to the last 7 days. You can choose your preferred time zone and date-time range.

5. Partner

For the below Transaction Types, you can narrow down the export by partner where required.

  • Click

  • Install

  • Event

  • Impression

  • Conversion

For Transaction Type: Transaction Summary, you can Group by the below dimensions and further narrow down the export by Partner where required.

  • Property

  • Campaign

  • Country

  • Partner

  • Sub-partner

6. Columns

By default, TrafficGuard will export all fields. Deselect the fields that you do not require. Check Report Fields for the detailed description of each field.

7. Save

Click Save to begin the process. Do not navigate away from the page while export is in process.

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