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Become a TrafficGuard integrated partner.


Integration with TrafficGuard gives traffic suppliers:

Visibility with consistent reporting

See the same data the advertiser sees on clicks and conversions in real time to drive optimisation and streamline invoicing.

Superior performance

Real time reporting via API postback, means you don’t have to wait for the advertiser to report on quality to begin optimising.

Discoverability with advertisers

TrafficGuard’s integrated partner's list is available to advertisers and agencies looking for new trusted supply sources.

💡 Tip
Need to verify or update your existing integration with us?

Please contact us at [email protected]

Integrating with TrafficGuard

  1. Prepare the following details:

a. Basic network information including a link to your logo

b. Your network’s macros for values you will pass TrafficGuard in the click tracking URL

c. Your network’s install and in-app event postback templates

2. Head over to the Partner Signup form

3. Fill out the Partner Signup form accurately. This is what advertisers will see when looking for trusted traffic sources in TrafficGuard. TrafficGuard will also use provided macros and postbacks for tracking link generation.

💡 Tip
While some macros are optional, we strongly encourage including all available macros as some clients prefer partners to have these optional values available and will delay a campaign's start until they are in place

4. Ensure you provide the following:

a. Your Macro for campaign, source and mobile device data passthrough

b. Your Click ID macro

c. Your Install Postback to receive notification of valid attributed installs, and

d. In-app event Postback to receive notification of an attributed user's in-app activity

💡 Tip
To see all the available macros TrafficGuard supports, please see our macros documentation.

5. After completing the form, TrafficGuard's Partner team will review your responses and process your application.

Testing the Integration

Once the TrafficGuard Partner team completes the integration, we will send test instructions for our test apps where you can perform an end-to-end test to confirm successful attribution.

Verify Test Results

Once you have completed your test on all supported platforms, the team will confirm that we both have received the proper notifications for the click, installation, and any applicable events with all the appropriate parameters. Once approved you will be listed in the TrafficGuard marketplace as a partner and you will receive instructions on setting up your portal access.

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