There are multiple reasons why you can't see data pulling through yet.

  1. Data imported from Google Ads is not reported in realtime. Google Ads data is refreshed daily. Data for the current day will be empty, if you have completed the setup today then please give it 24 hours to see data pulling through. Learn more

  2. Please check your setup -

Tracking templates -

  • Make sure you added the TrafficGuard tracking template, you can do this by navigating to Settings > click MANAGE > click HAVE US UPDATE IT AUTOMATICALLY

  • If you have an existing tracking template at account level in Google Ads please follow this article.

  • If you have SA360 please follow this article.

  • If you have existing tracking templates at lower levels than account level in Google Ads then TrafficGuard won't be able to track the Google Ads data, this is because Google Ads priorities the lowest level tracking template. If the tracking templates at the lower levels are just parameters starting with {lpurl} then you can simply copy the parameter and paste it in final URL suffix at the same level without the {lpurl} macro, then remove whatever is at the tracking template field. This will ensure that TrafficGuard's tracking template at account level will fire and your original setup will remain as it is.

  • Properties - Make sure you have added a property.

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