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What if I have an existing SA360 tracking template?
What if I have an existing SA360 tracking template?
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TrafficGuard's tracking template is normally implemented at the account level in Google Ads, its Google's standard method of tracking, through which TrafficGuard receives click information in order to detect & mitigate invalid clicks.

If you are using SA360 you will have an existing tracking template (i.e the SA360 sync URL) already implemented at the account level in Google Ads portal.

In this case, you will need to implement the tracking template and suffix in your SA360 portal and SA360 will sync it with Google Ads.

Step 1

Copy & replace the Property ID (tg-000XXX-00X) in the global TrafficGuard tracking template given below.

To grab your property ID, log into the dashboard, navigate to Properties > Property > Settings > Property ID > COPY

Example: You have the Property ID - tg-000123-004, simply replace it as below & copy the entire URL.

Tracking template

Step 2

  1. In your SA360 navigate to your account level Tracking Template

  2. Choose the correct Agency, advertiser and account (domain)

  3. Click on the settings icon below the account.

  4. Paste TrafficGuard's tracking template under URL template

  5. If you have Auto - Tagging enabled, you can simply hit save.

    a. If you have Auto-Tagging disabled, add - Final URL Suffix copy and paste, the following: gclid={gclid}

  6. Click save.

πŸ’‘ Tip
If you are running a test in Google to check the template, you will receive a Final URL mismatch. This is normal and to be expected as SA360 send the parallel click to TrafficGuard and not the landing page.

Please see the flow below -

Google sends the user to the landing page> Google sends the click to SA360> SA360 send the parallel click to TrafficGuard.

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