Why can't I accept TrafficGuard's Google ads manager request?

Before you accept the TrafficGuard link request please make sure you have the Administrative access to the customer account you are planning on linking to TrafficGuard.

Only someone with Admin access can accept manager account link requests.

Read more here.


If you can't accept the managers request that we have sent and are seeing the following issue, here are the steps in which you need to take for it to work;


If your google ads account has already defined an email domain in your security settings, then you also need to add trafficguard.ai

Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 2.41.24 pm

1. Navigate to Tools & Settings > Linked Accounts within your google ads account.

2. Click on Security Settings

3. You then need to add trafficguard.ai as an allowed domain

4. Click save

5 Try accepting our managers request again and it should now work!

Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 2.52.02 pm