Which plan is most suitable for me?

We currently have two plans to choose from, which are;

Protect PPC (FREE)

- Limited Features

- Limit of $2500 google ads spend per calendar month (After you reach the threshold, your account will no longer be protected until the following month)

- Only reports on Invalid Traffic & Transactions.

We highly recommend only smaller businesses with google ad spend less than $2500pm choose our FREE Protect PPC model.

Protect Pro PPC

- Unlimited Clicks & Transactions

- Reports & Blocks Invalid Clicks

- No limit on google ads spend (Your account is fully protected for the whole month)

- Other customisation features & benefits - Read More 

Our Protect Pro PPC plan only costs 1% of your Google Ads spend per month, e.g:

Your Google ads spend per month; $100,000

TrafficGuard cost: $1,000