Frequently asked questions about setting up your TrafficGuard PPC account and dashboard.

After setting up, how long does it take to see the Google Ads campaign data on the PPC dashboard?

Usually under 30 mins but this could take up to an hour depending on how fast Google approves the managerial permission to your account. If it takes up longer than an hour, make sure you put in the correct Google Ads Account ID or contact our support


What is Google Ads Customer ID and where to find it?

Google Ads Customer ID is a three-part unique identifier that is assigned to your Google Ads account. This information is required to connect to TrafficGuard's account in order to start analysing your PPC traffic.

You can find the Google Ads Customer ID on the top-lefthand corner of your account. For more information, check out Find your customer ID


Why do I need to accept TrafficGuard as a Manager Account for my Google Ads account?

We need managerial access in your Google Ads account for TrafficGuard to analyse, detect and proactively prevent click fraud from your PPC campaign. Your privacy and security is our priority. As such, rest assured that TrafficGuard only evaluates, prioritises, adds and removes IPs in the blacklist to ensure that you are always protected from the biggest ad fraudsters.