What do I do if I already have a custom tracking template in google ads?

When using our software, we will require you to update your google ads tracking template to ours. For clients who don't already have customised tracking templates within their accounts, we recommend for you to let us update them automatically, but if you choose to do this manually & already have existing tracking templates, please see follow the steps below 

If you require to pass other Google ads related parameters along with ours, you will need to enter these separately within the Final URL suffix field below. This is what Google ads recommend.

Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 4.46.09 pm

For instance, if your current tracking template is "{lpurl}?param1={example1}&param2={example2}" and this needs to still be passed along with TrafficGuard template, as mentioned above you now need to paste this into the Final URL suffix field below.

The correct way in which to do this with the above as an example would be as following:


Delete the {lpurl}? section as it is the landing page URL which already exists

- You then paste this within the URL suffix section below and then enter our TrafficGuard tracking template within the tracking link section.

Please refer to this article for information on Manually Updating Google Ads Template

For more information on Final URL suffix, please refer to googles support doc https://support.google.com/searchads/answer/9072131?hl=en