Dashboard, report, and export

Frequently asked questions about PPC dashboard, report and how to export results.

Why can't I see any data on my dashboard?

If you have finished setting up and followed every step on PPC's Quick Start Guide. It's worth checking that you have the correct Google Ads Customer ID.

Our PPC Protect only shows ad clicks from your running campaign. If your campaign is on paused or not running, TrafficGuard won't be able to show you your ad clicks data.

Note: it could take up to an hour for Google to approve access request before you can see data on the dashboard.


Can PPC track multiple Google Ads campaigns?

Yes, we track all campaigns on the Google Ads account that you registered with. You can also filter campaigns to see traffic quality on a particular campaign on PPC dashboard.


What does invalid and success status mean on PPC dashboard?

When you choose to filter by status, you will see two options: Success and Invalid.

  • Invalid means when a click is considered to be illegitimate and the associated IP address is automatically blocked on Google Ads exclusion list.
  • Success means when a click is considered to be legitimate


Can I get transactional export?

Whenever you'd like to export dashboard data to work elsewhere, you can navigate to PPC Click Report > Choose date and time range > Export to CSV. You can also filter your report before exporting by Campaign, Source, Country and Status.

Check out PPC reports and exporting.


Can I export results in other formats than CSV?

TrafficGuard currently only supports exporting in CSV format.


Are the reports in real-time?

Yes, TrafficGuard's data is reported in real-time, as soon as a click takes place.