Integrating with Kochava


When adding an app to TrafficGuard you will need to configure the mobile measurement platform (MMP) so TrafficGuard can send click data to the MMP and authorise the MMP to send us notifications for installs and events.



You need to be a Kochava customer and have the Kochava SDK installed in your app.
You need to have Adding a new app have your app added on your TrafficGuard Portal.


TrafficGuard Portal

You will need the following values from TrafficGuard, to be added in your Kochava Portal:

  1. Property ID - Property ID - Unique identifier for every property (App/Website) that you add on TrafficGuard
  2. Organisation ID - ID of the organisation, one for every organisation.
  3. Secure Token - Unique Token, one for every organisation.

Property ID

  1. Open the TrafficGuard Portal
  2. If you are an Agency user, select the desired organisation.
  3. Go to Properties on the side navigation.
  4. Select your desired property > Settings
  5. Copy the Property ID

Organisation ID & Token

  1. Open the TrafficGuard Portal
  2. If you are an Agency user, select the desired organisation
  3. Go to Settings from the side navigation
  4. Copy the organisation ID & the secure token

Kochava portal


Create a TrafficGuard Postback in Kochava

  1. Log in to Kochava
  2. Navigate to the desired app
  3. Select App Tools > Partner Configuration > TrafficGuard
  4. Add the corresponding Property ID, Organisation ID & Token
  5. Select Delivery Method 'All' so that TrafficGuard can receive all installs & events

Create Campaign IDs in Kochava

  1. From the Kochava portal access the app that you are setting up
  2. Navigate to App Tools / Campaign Manager
  3. Add a new campaign or select a current one

Create a tracker in Kochava

  1. Select Segment Tools new tracker
  2. Enter the tracker name
  3. Select 'TrafficGuard' under the Select a Network option
  4. Enter your corresponding property id ,secure token and organisation ID
  5. Click submit

Add Kochava to your TrafficGuard app settings

  1. Open the TrafficGuard Portal
  2. Navigate to the App you want to configure
  3. Go to Settings from the side navigation
  4. Select Kochava from the MMP dropdown options
  5. TrafficGuard will automatically generate your Kochava tracking links
  6. Click Save


What data will I see in Kochava?

Once you enable an integration with Kochava, TrafficGuard will automatically send all valid clicks to Kochava.

In your Kochava dashboard you will see all the clicks that came from TrafficGuard under 'trafficguard', along with installs and in-app events attributed back to TrafficGuard. This will give you automatic segmentation for users acquired via TrafficGuard links.

TrafficGuard shares all of its click data, which will be automatically mapped to the following parameters in Kochava.

TrafficGuard Macro Kochava Macro
campaign_id tg_campaign_id
site_id site_id
creative_id creative_id

TrafficGuard advanced data

TrafficGuard Kochava
Cost data

Kochava supports user-level cost data

GDPR data

Kochava doesn't support user-level GDPR consent passing