How to create conversion events in the TrafficGuard portal

You can create you conversion events in the TrafficGuard portal to generate a conversion snippet which you can then implement in GTM following the steps below.

1. Log into TrafficGuard

2. Click on Admin, Conversion events, Create or If you have an Organisation Group created in the portal you will need to create the snippet at Organisational Group level as pictured.

Screenshot 2022-02-28 at 14.35.25

3. If you are an Organisation Group pick the property/properties you would like to create a conversion snippet for. If you are an organisation only need to enter your conversion event info.

  1. The conversion event name is whatever you call it in your Google Ads account. Pick a type i.e. registration, purchase, lead etc.
  2. Enter your transaction ID if you have one, if not leave it blank.
  3. Choose the value option which matches the conversion event in Google Ads.
  4. Select how many conversions to count per click or interaction.
  5. Enter you Google Ads conversion ID and your Google Ads conversion label. If you don't have a Google Ads conversion ID and your Google Ads conversion label you should leave the space blank.
  6. Ensure all the information you enter matches what you have on Google Ads.
  7. Save settings and copy the conversion snippet which is generated.

Screenshot 2022-02-28 at 14.44.17

You are now ready implement your conversion snippet. Please see How do I implement the conversion snippet on GTM.