Exporting data from PPC dashboard

TrafficGuard PPC dashboard lets users export data for usage outside of the dashboard. Data can be exported in CSV format.

Regardless of your timezone, the default timezone of exported data is always UTC. You can choose to export your results by timezone and time.


By default, TrafficGuard PPC Protection will export all transactions with the chosen date range. Use the filter to narrow down your results to export only relevant data.



Our Protect PPC plan only retains the last 90 days worth of data. 

What is shown in exportable results?

  • Timestamp
  • IP address
  • Status
  • Device ID
  • Keyword
  • Location
  • Campaign
  • Landing page
  • Placement
  • Source

Steps to export a report

  1. On the sidebar, navigate to PPC Click Report.
  2. Use the date picker to edit date range and timezone here when required. The default date range is the Last 7 Days.
  3. Choose Filter by Campaign, Source, Country, and Status where required.
  4. Click EXPORT TO CSV. Your CSV is automatically downloaded.

Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 14.02.28


You can use a search box to query any particular ip address you are looking for e.g. (IP address)