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You can track, measure and validate impressions on your creatives after bidding in real-time via the client-side TrafficGuard event pixel.

Pre requisites

  1. You need to have a Google Campaign Manager 360 account.

  2. You need to have property created on your TrafficGuard account.

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Make sure you have either a web or an app property depending on your campaign type.

TrafficGuard Portal - Create your pixel

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Note - If your Account manager has generated the pixel for you, jump to the Campaign Manager Portal section

  1. Copy your property ID (Example property id - tg-000XXX-001)

Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 3.53.39 pm

2. Create your event Event pixel

Using the URL below, replace the example property, with the property ID mentioned above (no spaces).!&c=%ebuy!&c2=%ecid!&p=%epid!&a2=%eaid!&a3=%eadv!&a4=%eenv!&g=%g

πŸ’‘ Tip
Agency Access: To receive access your agency should have an account on TrafficGuard. If they do, you can add the below parameter along with the agency ID onto the pixel URL.


Example: &a=havas_media

Campaign Manager Portal

  1. Open your advertiser properties.

  2. Open the "Event tags" section.

  3. Navigate to "Impression event tags." Choose the Advertiser tags view.

  4. Click New impression event tag.

  5. Move on to tag setup below.

  6. Select the below options

    1. Name > Trafficguard

    2. Application > Apply Automatically

    3. Enabled > Yes

    4. Tag type > Script

    5. Tag URL > Insert Event Pixel

    Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 3.19.03 pm
  7. The parameters will get added separately.

Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 3.24.57 pm

6. Click Save

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Need Help?

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