Integrating with Shopify
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  1. Log in to your TrafficGuard dashboard and navigate to your Properties and click into the property you have created and copy your Site Tracker Tag.

  2. In your Shopify admin, click Online Store, and then click Themes.

  3. In the theme drop-down, click Edit Code.

  4. Paste the code snippet you copied from your TrafficGuard property, into the <head> tags of your theme.

  5. In your Shopify admin, click Save.

Using TrafficGuard's Google Tag Manager Installer

TrafficGuard's Google Tag Manager Installer plugin for Shopify, performs two key functions for ecommerce merchants. Firstly, it installs Google Tag Manager (GTM) on your site so that you don't need to edit your site's theme.liquid. Secondly, For TrafficGuard's fraud prevention users, you can easily implement your TrafficGuard tag by inputting your Property ID within the plug in.

Finding your GTM Container ID

Your Google Tag Manager Container ID has the following format: GTM-XXXXXX. When you log in to your Google Tag Manager account, you can copy the container ID from either of two places.

  1. Google Tag Manager home listed alongside your Container Name

  2. Within the Workspace of the container, on the top of the screen

Finding your TrafficGuard Property ID

  1. Navigate to PROPERTIES

  2. Click on your Property

  3. Under Settings, you will see your Property ID, copy that

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