Integrating with Trackier
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The Trackier integration allows all click and conversion data to be sent to TrafficGuard for analysis.
Invalid clicks will be blocked from reaching your landing pages and invalid conversions will automatically be set to rejected in the Trackier portal.


You need to be a Trackier customer
You need to be a TrafficGuard network customer. If you would like to change your account type get in touch with your account manager or email: [email protected]

Trackier portal

Enabling TrafficGuard

  1. To enable TrafficGuard in your Trackier account click on the 'Integrations' link in the top navigation and select TrafficGuard from the list

  2. Copy/paste your TrafficGuard identifier (from your Account > Settings page) into the Organisation ID field

  3. Copy/paste your TrafficGuard Measurement API Key (from your Account > Settings page) into the API TOKEN field

  4. Set Fraud Protection Level to 'Click + Conversion (Both)'

  5. Set Smart Approve/Reject Conversions to 'Enabled'

  6. Set the Status to 'Active'

  7. Leave this form open and return to the TrafficGuard portal in a new browser window or tab

TrafficGuard portal

Add Advertiser Properties

You will need to create new advertiser properties for each advertiser you have setup in Trackier

  1. From the left hand navigate to 'Properties' and click the 'ADD ADVERTISER' button

  2. Name your advertiser and enter the Trackier Hashed ID as the TrafficGuard Advertiser Identifier (see below)

  1. Select 'Trackier' as you property Input

  2. Enter your Trackier Network URL in the Trackier Network Domain field and enter your Trackier Token in the Trackier Token field (these can be found in Trackier portal in the TrafficGuard Integration settings)

  1. Save the form and repeat for all advertisers

  2. Return to the Trackier TrafficGuard integration settings form and click 'GO' to save

Your Trackier traffic will now be protected by TrafficGuard.

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