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The HasOffers integration allows all click and goal data to be sent to TrafficGuard for analysis. Invalid conversions will automatically be set to rejected in the HasOffers portal.


You need to be a HasOffers customer
You need to be a TrafficGuard network customer. If you would like to change your account type get in touch with your account manager or email: [email protected]

TrafficGuard portal

Account settings

From your account settings page copy your identifier and measurement API key. These will be required when creating your Network postback URL in the Hasoffers portal.

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Add advertiser properties

You will need to create new advertiser properties for each advertiser you have setup in HasOffers

  1. From the left hand navigate to 'Properties' and click the 'ADD ADVERTISER' button

  2. Name your advertiser and enter the HasOffers advertiser ID as the TrafficGuard Advertiser Identifier

  3. Select 'HasOffers' as the input

  4. Enter your HasOffers network ID, which can be found in your HasOffers Account > Network details

  5. Save the form and repeat for all advertisers

HasOffers portal

Tracking settings

In the HasOffers portal navigate to, Company > Customize Application > Tracking and update the following settings.

Global click macro

Enabling this will redirect all clicks from HasOffers to TrafficGuard where they will be analysed and sent to the Offer URL if they are deemed to be valid.

Click Macro URL

Update the Click Macro URL to the following, replacing {organisation_id} with your TrafficGuard organisation ID


Network postback

Enabling this will send postbacks for all conversions and goals to TrafficGuard for analysis. These will have their status updated in near real-time via the HasOffers API if they are deemed to be invalid.

Network postback URL

Update the network postback URL to, replacing {organisation_id} and {api_key} with values copied from your TrafficGuard account settings


Track user agent on click

Enabling this will allow HasOffers to send user-agent information to TrafficGuard.

Application Settings

In the HasOffers portal navigate to, Company > Customize Application > Application and update the following settings.

Offer settings

Conversion Tracking

In all of your offers' settings set Conversion Tracking to Server Postback w/ Transaction ID.

Click macro

In all of your offers' settings enable Click Macro.

Manage your goals

If your offer has multiple goals map their goal Reference IDs to TrafficGuard event names:
open, registration, purchase, level, tutorial, addtocart, checkout, invite, achievement, pageview, share, search, login, viewcontent

Your HasOffers traffic will now be protected by TrafficGuard.

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