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When adding an app to TrafficGuard you will need to configure the mobile measurement platform (MMP) so TrafficGuard can send click data to the MMP and authorise the MMP to send us notifications for installs and events.


You need to be an Adjust customer and have the Adjust SDK installed in your app.

Enable TrafficGuard Analytics Module in Adjust

TrafficGuard Portal

  1. If you are an Agency user, select the organisation to which you want to add the app

  2. Go to Settings from the side navigation

  3. Copy the organisation & API key

Adjust Dashboard

  1. Log into your Adjust Dashboard

  2. Go to App Settings

  3. Under Partner Setup tab, click on 'Add Partners' & Select ‘TrafficGuard’

  4. Add the Organisation ID

  5. Add the Measurement API Key

  6. Enable Revenue & Session Forwarding

Event Linking

  1. In your Adjust dashboard, click on the settings of the app for which you wish to transmit events

  2. Select Partner Setup

  3. Click on TrafficGuard

  4. Select Event Linking

  5. Enter the most relevant event names and link it to TrafficGuard event names available from the a drop down menu

Below are the available TrafficGuard Events, you can map

Event Name















Note - If you cannot find a relevant event name, simply select a Custom Event from the drop down, and we will map it on our end.

Generating Tracking Links

Adjust portal

  1. From the Adjust portal access the app that you are setting up.

  2. Go to the Settings page

  3. Navigate to Trackers

  4. Select the tracker or create a new one for each partner you want to run via TrafficGuard

  5. Copy the 6 digit value after & add it in TrafficGuard either under a property or under the respective partners

Add Adjust to your TrafficGuard app settings

  1. Navigate to the App you want to configure

  2. Go to Settings from the side navigation

  3. Select Adjust from the MMP dropdown options

  4. Enter your Adjust Tracker ID for one partner.
    If you have multiple partners, you can select "Assign Adjust Tracker ID per partner" & add it within the Integrated Partners for each partner.

  5. Enter each of the Adjust Event tracker ID's against the corresponding event

  6. Go to Integrated Partners in TrafficGuard, and select the partner you want to generate a Tracking link for. TrafficGuard will automatically generate you Adjust tracking links.

  7. Copy and send it to your partners

What data will I see in Adjust?

Once you enable integration with Adjust, TrafficGuard will automatically send all valid clicks to Adjust.

In your Adjust dashboard you will see all the clicks that came from TrafficGuard under your respective tracker, along with installs and in-app events attributed back to that tracker.

TrafficGuard shares all of its click data, which will be automatically mapped to the following parameters in Adjust.

TrafficGuard macro

Adjust Macro









TrafficGuard advanced data



Cost data

Adjust supports user-level cost data

GDPR data

Adjust doesn't support user-level GDPR consent passing

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