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Need to update your tracking link on a property or change your measurement platform? Property settings can be accessed and edited at any time.

Accessing Property Settings

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  1. Open the TrafficGuard Portal

  2. If you are Agency user, select the organisation owner of the property

  3. Go to Properties in the side navigation

  4. Select the property you want to update from the properties list

  5. Click on Settings in the side navigation

  6. You can then view or edit the following property information:

Property ID - Unique identifier for this property used for measurement

TrafficGuard Mode

Prevention - TrafficGuard will detect and block invalid traffic.*

Detection only - TrafficGuard will detect but not block invalid traffic.

Input - Define how you will send data to TrafficGuard

Timezone - Edit the app's timezone. This will be used to help analyse app traffic

MMP - Change the Mobile Measurement Platform

MMP Tracking Link - Mobile Measurement Platform tracking link. For more information check out the MMP Integration guide

Click the Save button to save the property's settings

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