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Google Ads Access - Is my data protected?
Google Ads Access - Is my data protected?
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At TrafficGuard, in order for us to automatically add IP exclusions, we require access to your google ads account. This access is required for us to be able to make the changes automatically and help keep your google ads account protected.

We fully understand that your google ads data is a sensitive matter, that being said you have no reasons to worry as we are very strict when it comes to our client's privacy

Once we have access no changes will be made within your google ads account apart from our system automatically adding IPs to your exclusions list, which you will be able to see for yourselves when looking at your google ads change history.

This access applies for both the Protect PPC and Protect Pro PPC plans. Although our Protect PPC plan does not exclude IP's

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If you would like more information on how we manage your data please refer to our Privacy Policy

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