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How many clicks are included in my subscription plan?
How many clicks are included in my subscription plan?
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Protect PPC

With our FREE Protect PPC package, you get unlimited click reporting until your Google Ads spend reaches $2500 for the current month. Once you have reached that threshold the Protect PPC plan will no longer report on invalid traffic until the following month.

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With FREE Protect PPC plan, TrafficGuard will only report on invalid traffic.

What should I do, if I have reached the threshold and it's not close to the end of the month?

You can upgrade to our Protect Pro PPC plan. With this plan, TrafficGuard not only reports on invalid clicks but proactively blocks invalid clicks by adding IP Exclusions into your Google Ads IP exclusion list.

This way your Google Ads account will be fully protected for the whole month against ad fraud. Our Protect Pro Plan has a lot of other great benefits, which you can read here.

The FREE Protect PPC package is recommended for smaller companies with Google Ads spend lower than $2500/month

Protect Pro PPC

On the Protect PPC Pro plan, TrafficGuard proactively blocks invalid clicks from infiltrating your campaigns, along with giving you full visibility into traffic quality and invalidation reasons.

To read more about ProtectPro PPC Plan, click here.

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