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Why aren't known-host IPs blocked beforehand?
Why aren't known-host IPs blocked beforehand?
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By measuring and verifying billions of ad engagements across the world’s top ad networks, apps, and advertiser websites, TrafficGuard has one of the best vantage points into the reputation of IPs, domains, apps and devices

Every transaction is analysed and stored in our proprietary Reputation IQ engine based on its quality and propensity to convert.

This database is vast and consists of millions of IPs, and its not feasible to add these IPs in an exclusion list. This is because -

  • Google Ads has limitations on the number of exclusions allowed, the maximum IPs you can exclude per campaign is 500 IPs

  • IPs are dynamic i.e they can change. Permanents blocks on any IPs can lead to false positives

TrafficGuard intelligently manages the exclusion of IPs in real-time depending on the type of threat and level of engagement making sure the IP exclusion feature is used most optimally.

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