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What are the benefits of JS Tag implementation?
What are the benefits of JS Tag implementation?
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Some of the benefits

  • Stronger defence against invalid traffic: TrafficGuard’s invalidation is based on what it sees from Google Ads click data, as well as the way users interact with your site. This enables it to invalidate traffic that is sophisticated enough to evade detection from the click alone.

  • More reliable invalidation: Because invalidation is based on more data points, fraud prevention is more reliable.

  • Prevention of false-positive invalidation: User behaviour data collected by our Site tag fuels TrafficGuard’s proprietary propensity to convert algorithm. This ensures that IPs and placements that send valid traffic aren’t excluded from your campaigns and false-positives aren’t able to impact your campaigns.

  • Better visibility of quality: Some traffic can be valid but still detrimental to your overall performance. For example, through TrafficGuard’s behavioural reporting some clients have found users that habitually navigate to their website through advertising. Rather than their ad spend helping to attract net-new customers, it is showing ads to existing, returning customers. Through TrafficGuard, these clients are able to better direct this spend to attract more new customers. The behavioural reporting in TrafficGuard comprises the data collected by the Site tag.

Legacy PPC protection vendors that don’t require a site tag to be placed on your site are missing a vital piece of the validation process. Typically, with outsourced platform development, they don’t have the expertise or the technical foundation to create and utilise a site tag. As a team of engineers and data scientists, TrafficGuard has been built with key verification and cybersecurity methodologies from the outset enabling us to collect and analyse user behaviour to strengthen your PPC protection.

With the additional data processing of our approach, TrafficGuard is a premium fraud prevention solution. Legacy vendors are typically focused on providing the cheapest solution, rather than the most effective.

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