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How do I manually update my google ads tracking template?
How do I manually update my google ads tracking template?
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A tracking template is a URL that is implemented in Google Ads to parallel-track a click. When a click occurs, the end user is redirected to the landing page, and TrafficGuard is notified about the click simultaneously, via the implemented tracking URL (Template).

It's a Google standard method, through which TrafficGuard receives click information in order to detect & mitigate invalid clicks.

TrafficGuard can automatically update the tracking templates within your Google Ads account, but if you chose to do this manually, please find step-by-step information below:

In your TrafficGuard dashboard -


To add your tracking template manually, you will need a Property ID.

πŸ’‘ Tip

If you don't already have a property, please follow steps 4 & 5 from Integrating with Google Ads to create one.

To grab your property ID, log into the dashboard, navigate to Properties > Property > Settings > Property ID > COPY

Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 4.38.48 pm

Global TrafficGuard tracking template

Copy & replace the Property ID (tg-000XXX-00X) in the global TrafficGuard tracking template given below.{network}&creative_id={creative}&campaign_id={campaignid}&creative_set_id={adgroupid}&placement_id={placement}&keyword={keyword}&session_id={gclid}&feeditemid={feeditemid}&targetid={targetid}&loc_interest_ms={loc_interest_ms}&loc_physical_ms={loc_physical_ms}&matchtype={matchtype}&device={device}&devicemodel={devicemodel}&ifmobile={ifmobile:1}&ifnotmobile={ifnotmobile:1}&ifsearch={ifsearch:1}&ifcontent={ifcontent:1}&target={target}param1={param1}param2={param2}&random={random}&adposition={adposition}&destination_url={lpurl}

Example: You have the Property ID - tg-000123-004, simply replace it as below & copy the entire URL.

In your Google Ads Account -

  1. Click on 'All Campaigns'. This will lead you to Account Level

  2. Navigate to Settings > Account Settings

  3. Click on Tracking & under Tracking Template, paste the above URL

  4. In Final URL Suffix copy and paste, the following: gclid={gclid}

    Please note that if you have auto tagging enabled you do not need to paste gclid={gclid} into the Final URL Suffix field

Google Ads Screenshot-1

If you run into any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us via our chat or email us on [email protected]. We are here to help you!

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