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TrafficGuard adds an IP exclusion for clicks that are detected as invalid traffic. Invalid traffic can be identified by various reasons one of which is receiving multiple clicks on the ad, which is adding no additional value.

With the Validation Rules feature you are able to choose the number of clicks you would like to allow on your ad before TrafficGuard excludes them.

To set up validation rules, you will first need to understand your user's click frequency. To get a view on the same, navigate to the Click Frequency report and identify your optimal threshold you would like to set based on your organisation norm.

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Before you start, follow the steps in Enabling Traffic Control to enable Traffic Control in your portal.

Please note: Validation Rules are only available on our ProtectPro PPC plan. To upgrade your plan, follow the steps in the following article or reach out to us on chat

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  1. Validation Rule Type - Currently we offer Click Frequency rules which define limits on how many times a user can click on your Google Ads before we add the IP into exclusion.

  2. Maximum clicks per user - Number of clicks you can set for the user.

  3. At the - Account level, is to apply the rule on your property or Campaign level, is to apply the rule to your campaign.

  4. Per and Period - The number of hours or days you would like to have this rule applied for. Which means after if you have applied the a rule to block a user after 2 clicks per 1 hour then it will block users that click more than 2 times in an hour.

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You can have a maximum of 4 Validation Rules.

Other Validation Rules include:

  1. Geographic - Invalidate traffic based on the device's region, country, state or city.

  2. Public Proxy - Invalidate traffic from public proxy users.

  3. TOR - Invalidate traffic from TOR users.

  4. Virtual Proxy Networks - Invalidate traffic from devices using VPNs.

πŸ’‘ Tip
Only IPs invalidated by the Click Frequency rule will be added to IP exclusions.

Steps to create Validation Rules

  1. Select Traffic control from the sidebar navigation and then Validation Rules.

  2. There will be 3 default Click Frequency rules already applied, you can choose to edit these.

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