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Use Exclusion filters to omit any unwanted IPs that affect your PPC campaign.

The exclusion rules can be applied at the campaigns, ads and ad groups level. The exclusion feature provides an additional level of protection to your running ads and prevents any undesired IPs from affecting the ads.

If any traffic matches the exclusion filter, the excluded IP address will be automatically added to Google Ads IP exclusions. This means ads will not be displayed to the user that uses the excluded IP address.

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Before you start, follow the steps in PPC Enabling Traffic Control to enable Traffic Control in your portal.

Please note: Exclusion Filter is only available on our ProtectPro PPC plan. To upgrade your plan, follow the steps in the following article or reach out to us on chat

Steps to create an exclusion filter

  1. Select Traffic control from the sidebar navigation and then Exclusion filters.

  2. Click ADD NEW to open the Exclusion filters configuration window.

  3. In the configuration window, click Select type.

  4. Create an IP address Filter

Create an IP address filter

Upon selecting the exclusion type:

  1. Select IPv4 address or IPv6 address.

  2. Enter the IP address that you want to exclude.

  3. Choose the level to apply the exclusion rule to.

  4. Click SAVE to apply the filter.

Create a Placement Exclusion Filter

Placement exclusion allows you to exclude a placement directly in Google Ads so Google does not bid on it. You can use the PPC Placement Report to identify the placements you would like to exclude, and TrafficGuard will take care of excluding them.

Upon selecting the exclusion type:

  1. Select Placement (user managed)

  2. Enter the placement that you want to exclude.

  3. Click SAVE to apply the filter

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