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Are your ads influencing behaviour or mainly serving as login page for your website? Are your competitors clicking on your ads? Are your ads providing any incremental value for the user behaviour in your campaigns?

TrafficGuard’s Behaviour reporting gives you the power of identifying how your marketing activities are affecting your user behaviour and the incremental effects on your campaigns.

Part of the behaviour reporting, TrafficGuard's click frequency report allows you to track the number of click engagements on your ads per device.

This reports serves as the guidance to determine your optimal Validation Rules that you would like to set on your campaigns. It helps you identify your campaign normal behaviour, and then add rules to prevent poor user behaviour.

Using our customisable validation rules, you can automate prevention to drive efficiency and harness increased opportunity to reach new, potentially valuable users.

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1. Level

View the data at account level and campaign level.

Account Level - This level tracks the number of clicks per device across your entire account

Campaign Level - This level tracks the number of clicks per device across your campaigns. This is not specific to a particular campaign but an average across all your campaigns in that account.

💡 Tip

‘Max. clicks per device’ are the total number of clicks seen across the account level OR campaign level - depending on the tab you are on.

‘Devices’ are the total devices TrafficGuard has seen across your organisation in the selected period (not specific to Account. It is the same across the account and campaign level as it overall on your account. The same wont change while you navigate from the Account and Campaign tabs).

2. Date and Time Range

By default, the date range is set to the last 7 days. You can choose your preferred date-time range. You can set this to identify the click frequency of your users across a particular period.

For example: IF you would like to determine the user behaviour during a big campaign vs a quiet period on your account

3. Period

Across both the levels, you can group your activity to track for certain period. What is my click frequency across the account on a daily basis. Or the frequency across a weekly basis.

You can then identify the norm and set the validation rules to be stricter or leaner for this period.

  • Week

  • Day

  • Hour of the day

  • Minute

  • Second

4. Data Table

Data Table shows the count of clicks, number of devices for the respective count of clicks, and a percentile to track the percentage of device for the count across the whole organisation.

For example -

In the below screenshot, 372 devices clicked only once, and that accounted for 92nd percentile.

21 devices clicked 2 times, which accounted for 98th percentile, which means up to 98th percentile, users clicked up to 2 times.

And so on..

Screenshot 2021-11-03 at 14.07.14

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