PPC Frequency & Recency Report
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The Frequency and Recency report shows you the number of sessions your website has had by a user that has clicked through from your Google Ads and how recent was the session.

This will help inform you on the performance of your ads and are the clicks that come through valid.

πŸ’‘ Tip
Session - When a user with a unique IP address spends time on a website during a specified period of time. The number of user sessions on a site is used in measuring the amount of traffic a website gets.

1. Filters

Filters give the ability to drill down and reveal additional levels of detail of your data. It is a great way to understand the distribution of click fraud for your PPC campaign. You can filter on multiple values for all filtering options fall under:

  • Attributes

2. Date and Time Range

By default, the date range is set to the last 7 days. You can choose your preferred date-time range.

3. Count of Sessions

Click on the Count of Sessions page to view data on how frequently you are receiving sessions on your website.

4. Days Since Last Seen

Click on the Days since Last Seen page to view data on how recently you are receiving sessions on your website.

5. Data Columns

  • Count of Sessions: instances of sessions a user has contributed to your website. For example the 1st session instance is when the user is actively engaged on your website for the first time on your website. The 2nd session when the user has had a prior session before.

  • Sessions: Number of sessions in a selected time period. A session is defined as the duration for which a visitor has activity on your website.

  • Pageviews: Number of pages (non-unique) visited by the visitor in that session.

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