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Ad engagement

  • Gross clicks: This is the total number of clicks you have received, valid and invalid both

  • Invalid clicks: Ad clicks that TrafficGuard considers to be illegitimate clicks that should not be paid for

  • Invalid click rate: The percentage of invalid clicks out of all the clicks on your ad (Ad clicks)

  • Clicks: Number of times your ads have been clicked

  • Filtered clicks: These are clicks filtered due to exclusions filters you have set in traffic control.

  • CTR: Clickthrough rate (CTR) measures how often people click on your ad after it's shown to them, which can help you understand the effectiveness of your ad.

  • Estimated measurable cost: This is the sum of your ad spend that could be measured by TrafficGuard and calculated from the Estimated CPC. The Estimated CPC is based on the average CPC of the campaign at the time of the click as such amounts may not always be accurate.

  • Estimated invalid cost: The sum of your ad spend on invalid clicks as measured by TrafficGuard.

  • Est. invalid cost rate: The percentage of total estimated measurable cost that TrafficGuard considers invalid.

  • Average CPC: Average cost-per-click (CPC) is estimated per click by dividing the cost of a campaign by the count of clicks as reported by Google Ads periodically. (the estimation can be +-5%)


  • Estimated savings: Only applicable when the TrafficGuard mode is "Detection". The sum of the estimated CPC for all clicks TrafficGuard measured that are on the TrafficGuard Watchlist.

  • Estimated savings rate: The sum of cost from all clicks TrafficGuard measured that are on the Watchlist by the sum of your ad spend.

  • Distinct IPs exclusion: If in "Prevention", this shows the distinct IPs TrafficGuard has set in Google Ads exclusions. If the TrafficGuard mode is "Detection" then this shows the Distinct IPs on the Watchlist.

  • Watched clicks: All clicks TrafficGuard measured that are on the Watchlist and, as such TrafficGuard's prevention would have excluded.

  • Watched click rate: The percentage of clicks TrafficGuard has measured that are on the Watchlist.


  • Unique cookies: The number of cookies that have been served an ad or recorded a click on an ad.

  • Average click freq./cookie: The average of clicks per cookie served


  • Bounce rate: The percentage of sessions on your site where the user views a single page and no other activity takes place after it.

  • Pages/session: The average number of non-unique pages a user views in a given session.

  • Avg. session duration (sec): The average length of a session.

Network connection

  • Distinct IPs: Number of valid IPs


  • Additional invalid clicks %: Percentage difference between TrafficGuard's and Google Ads' invalid click counts.

  • Click difference %: Percentage difference between TrafficGuard's and Google Ads' click counts.

  • Reduction in CPA %: Percentage reduction of cost per action.

  • Increase in conversion rate %: Percentage difference between TrafficGuard’s and Google Ads’ conversions rates.

Google Ads

  • Google Ads impressions: An impression is counted each time your ad is served. Impressions help you understand how often your ad is being seen. As reported by Google Ads

  • Google Ads gross clicks: The sum of Google Ads clicks and Google Ads invalid clicks.

  • Google Ads clicks: Total number of times users have clicked on an ad to reach the property as reported by Google Ads.

  • Google Ads invalid clicks: Total number of clicks that Google considers illegitimate. You're not charged for them, and they don't affect your Google Ads account statistics.

  • Google Ads invalid click rate: Invalid click rate is the percentage of clicks Google has filtered out of your total number of clicks due to being invalid.

  • Google Ads cost: Cost is the sum of your spend during this period as reported by Google Ads. Its currency is the one you set in the Google Ads account.

  • Google Ads conversion: The number of conversions you received after ad interactions (such as text ad clicks or video ad views).

  • Google Ads cost/conversion: The average cost of a conversion.

  • Google Ads conversion rate: This shows how often, on average, an ad interaction leads to a conversion.


Due to adjustments made by Google up to 30 days after the click, Google Ads reports may not reflect the original state captured by TrafficGuard.

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