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What are Tracking Templates?

Tracking templates are URL's that are implemented in Google Ads to parallel-track a click. When a click occurs, the end user is redirected to a landing page, Simultaneously TrafficGuard is notified about the click via the implemented tracking template in your Google ads account.

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What do Tracking Templates do?

Tracking templates provide TrafficGuard with additional information regarding each click that is triggered from a google ads ad.

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This additional information includes all types of meta data such as the keyword that triggered the click, the campaign, ad group, IP address, click id, etc.

Working in conjunction with our JS tag, our machine learning algorithms will then gather all of this information and decide whether or not that click was invalid and if the IP Address associated with the click should be added into an exclusion list.

💡 Tip

To read more about tracking, click here

What are the different levels of tracking templates?

Account level - This level of tracking is set at the account level of your google ads account, if you have never used tracking templates in google ads before, this is the best option for you.

ℹ️ Please Note

If you choose to accept this level when signing up to TrafficGuard, TrafficGuard's API will automatically set your tracking template for you.

Campaign Level - A campaign level tracking template can run in cohesion with an account level template, The campaign level tracking takes priority over the account level template.

Ad group Level - An ad group tracking template can also run in cohesion with an account level tracking template, Again the ad group level template will take priority over any other template (Account & Campaign) apart from an ad level template.

Ad Level - An ad level tracking template is the most granular type of tracking template, this type will take priority over any tracking template set within a google ads account.

💡 Tip

The most granular tracking template takes priority. So if you have custom tracking templates set up already, please make sure you add TrafficGuard templates along with them.

To learn how to update tracking templates, click here

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