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Unprecedented Click Fraud Protection

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Click Fraud, Your Search Campaign Enemy!

Are you having a hard time seeing meaningful conversions after your clicks skyrocketed? Do you see a high bounce rate when you're receiving a high number of clicks? That could be a sign of click fraud!

Click fraud is a type of illegal technique, where an illegitimate click is initiated by malicious bots on pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, to generate fraudulent charges for advertisers. Fake clicks, whether from human or non-human, waste marketing budget and could potentially lose real customers as the budget is hijacked by an ingenuine and unintentional click.

Introduction to TrafficGuard Search

TrafficGuard’s Search product leverages the sophistication of our performance ad fraud prevention solution to now protect PPC campaigns on Google Ads.

TrafficGuard processes in excess of 3 trillion data points a month. That data is continuously strengthening the machine learning models that operate across all of our products, including TrafficGuard’s Search product.

We have a data science and engineering team that lives and breathes ad fraud prevention – building the most comprehensive solution specifically to address the problem of ad fraud.

TrafficGuard Search product features

  1. Real-time click protection: TrafficGuard’s Search product stops click fraud in real-time, automatically blocking malicious IPs and devices from seeing your ads. Google Ads IP Blacklists are automatically updated by TrafficGuard via the Google Ads API.

  2. Superior fraud mitigation: TrafficGuard’s Search product has been developed by the same team of dedicated engineers and data scientists behind TrafficGuard’s performance ad fraud solutions, delivering you an unprecedented level of protection.

  3. Detailed reporting: At any given moment, get a comprehensive view of your GoogleAds traffic and types of ad fraud detected at the click, campaign and organisation levels

  4. Expert support: Our customer success team is available to answer any questions

💡 Tip

Superior fraud mitigation is only available on our ProtectPro PPC plan. To upgrade your plan, follow the steps in the following article or reach out to us on chat

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